Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March Already!?

That's what we were saying when we hadn't set our goals for the year yet...

Caleb and I have gotten into goal setting - we started last year.  I've heard it said that if you want to do something, write it down, otherwise it's just a fleeting idea.

Some really nice friends gave us part of their timeshare points earlier this month and we spent a couple days in Williamsburg, VA.  We decided to use that time as our intentional goal setting time.

We have some long term goals, but they will take a few more years to reach, so we break it down into baby steps.  It's almost impossible to do all of them in one year, but every year we get closer to where we want to be.  Looking back on last year, it's amazing to see how far we've come, sometimes without even thinking about it.

This year we set goals in 4 different categories:

  • Spiritual - new disciplines, or reviving old disciplines to bring us closer to Jesus.
  • Others - how we want to purposefully reach out.  I find sometimes that unless I'm intentional about this, that I will get stuck in my own little world.
  • Financial - getting out of debt and savings plans
  • Personal - this would be health goals, house goals etc.
We limited it to 3 goals per category - because it can get out of hand and become a huge burden if it wasn't limited to just 3 each. (I have wishful thinking!)

Today I'm planning to print a few copies and put them around the house where we will see them.

Here's to another great year of moving forward!